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Long term contract

Long term contract - Participation rules

To participate in electronic bidding for the right to conclude a long-term contract, you must:

1. Conclude an agreement on a security Deposit;

2. after Receiving the INVOICE, transfer the amount of security for the fulfillment of obligations under the contract to the current account of the bidder;

3. Contact the auction organizer to get a link to the registration page;

4. After registration please contact the organizer of the auction to activate the account;

5. install the bidder program (the link will be sent in the email after you activate your account);

6. View the training video or read The bidder's guide;

7. Contact the organizer of the auction if you have any questions or unclear points;

8. Since October 22, 2020, at 13.45 Minsk time, log in to the electronic trading System by entering your Username and Password in the appropriate fields and selecting "Long-term contracts" from the drop-down list;

9. In the "Planned" section, submit an application, BE sure to specify the volume and estimated price;

10. after the lot is put up for auction, it will be displayed in the "Active" section";

Good luck!

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